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People know me as a super-cybergeek.  Not only do I work in the digital world professionally, I even immerse myself in it in my free time.  I love staying up on trends, listening to geek podcasts, and lull myself to

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R.I.P. Lala. We loved you while you lasted.


Lala, the play-any-track-once-for-free-then-pay-$0.10-per-track music service is no gone as of today (6/1/10). From my perspective it was easily the best online music site.  I love exploring new music, but I don’t want to commit until I absolutely love the track. 

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SwitchEasy Cases: A Positive Review

Josh Zapin's SwitchEasy Colors case Ripped

I recently had a problem with my SwtichEasy Colors iPhone case.  It ripped: I was bummed especially since I really like the product: It’s very slim Protects well (especially with the jelly button) Has lots of extras like covers for

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I just updated Cleaner Design With the help of the Mystique WordPress theme, I have significantly upgraded the look of my website.  The site now boasts: Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) A cleaner, more vibrant layout Mobile device compatibility

Buying a Kitchen Computer, Part 2: Form Factor

In my previous post, I made the case why we (and probably a lot of other people) need a kitchen computer.  I also defined some broad strokes of what we need out of the kitchen computer. Now, it’s time to

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