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I’m a Head of Digital Production and Program Management based in Boulder, Colorado.

My passion is driving transformative change in organizations through innovation, strategy, and leadership. Specializing in operational excellence, I've designed a proprietary agile-based methodology that delivers measurable improvements in just 3 weeks. With a track record that speaks volumes—from rescuing underperforming projects at Carvana to pioneering best-in-class onboarding and customer success strategies at Zingfit—I bring a unique blend of process optimization, team leadership, and client relations skills to the table.

From leading two departments at Zingfit to handling large consumer initiatives at Crispin Porter & Bogusky, and elevating global eCommerce program management at Crocs, I have built an arsenal of strategies and methodologies that yield results. I'm not just about getting things done; I'm about getting them done smarter, faster, and in a way that resonates with clients and teams alike. 

 I've also been a speaker and have written a whole course on being a Digital Project Manager! 

Let's connect and explore how we can achieve great things together.


Project & Program Management

Projects done right, every time! Let me take the reins and guarantee your initiatives shine brightly, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Team Development & Leadership

Empower. Elevate. Excel. Ignite your team's true potential with bespoke training, turning them into industry leaders and innovators.

Digital Strategy & Product Launch

From vision to victory! My expertise ensures your digital products don't just launch; they soar. Stand out in the digital realm like never before.

Hard Skills

Web Technologies


Ben Crowell

Ben Crowell

Talent Leader at Carvana

As the client-side product owner, I experienced Josh’s skill set first-hand on a complex project from design to launch. Josh was organized, communicated clearly, set expectations, and kept the team focused. His technical acumen and understanding of our business accelerated problem-solving and solution implementation. He dedicated time to understanding our objectives, ensuring the product met our needs. Josh made thoughtful recommendations that showed a deep understanding of digital experiences and the balance between short-term fixes and lasting solutions. He tailored his communication for any audience, from stakeholders to developers. I'm confident Josh would be an asset to any team and recommend him for leadership, program management, or strategic client relationships.

Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Head of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Josh during his tenure with CP+B on the Aspen Dental account. Josh led the digital work for Aspen at CP+B, and proved himself to be an invaluable resource and trusted advisor. He was truly an extension of our digital marketing team, and his work contributed significantly to our success. He was focused on helping to achieve our key performance objectives, and has deep experience in delivering web experiences that help transition visitors to leads. He assisted in our transformation from a waterfall based to agile development methodology, and helped to build our overall digital in house capabilities. I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime in the future.

Harvey Bierman

Harvey Bierman

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Strategy Officer

I've worked directly with Josh for the past 18 months and prior to that I worked with Josh in a client/vendor relationship. Throughout all my interactions with Josh I continually found him to be an innovative problem solver with a keen understanding of digital technology and ecommerce. He has expertise in prioritization, resource and capacity planning and product roadmap management. His contributions to the Crocs global ecommerce business and technology teams positively impacted customer satisfaction, revenue growth, profitability and user innovation. He also has shown excellent skills at managing vendor relationships and contracting.

Brian Chee

Brian Chee

Principal Strategist, Writer, Consultant, and Content Marketer

Josh's ability to lead and his strong digital thinking were a key factor in the success of a number of complicated and crucial projects. I valued his calm and consistent approach, even in the face of mounting pressure, changing deliverables and challenging deadlines. He always kept in sight the point of purpose of his work, while at the same time demonstrating a flexibile approach that consistently improved the final product. Best of all, I could count on Josh to give me a realistic view of a project's status, to always be up for a challenge and to bring a strong sense of accountability and creative thought to his work.

David Schell

David Schell

Digital Strategy, Product and Experience Design, Creative Direction and Integrated Marketing

Josh is very focused at making sure a project never falls off the rails. He worked hard to evolve our process, and provided new technologies to the project management team to create efficiencies and consistencies throughout the agency.

Eric Breitbard

Eric Breitbard

Head of Design Strategy

It was fantastic to work with Josh during our time together at Organic in NYC. His sharp cross-disciplinary skills and preternaturally friendly attitude blazed through tough challenges on major engagements. Josh is a highly effective communicator and a skilled manager of digital projects.

Stacy Rzeczkowski

Stacy Rzeczkowski

Onboarding Coach

Josh has a superb attention to detail and superior communications skills which are greatly appreciated by the clients he serves. He strives to ensure that his clients have a full understanding of all aspects before proceeding with any project. In addition, Josh has proven consistently that he values to be an effective team player as he remains available to provide helpful feedback and assistance to his colleagues.

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