S7 Adaptive Video Test

If you are seeing this post, don’t think that I’m actually writing something important. I’m not. Instead, I’m just testing out Adobe Scene7’s adaptive video. If this is working the way it is supposed to the following links will play videos on any device: Mule Shoe Athens Duet , In other words, you can run it on desktop, an iPhone,.. Read more

Flickr Photo Gallery

I’m doing a test of Flickr Photo Gallery. I’m using slickr-flickr plugin for WordPress. Here is what it looks like:

OPEN Forum hosts someone from the White House today!

The site that I live and breath every day hosted the white house today for an interesting Q&A session. Check out what they talked about:

OpenForum has an iPhone App

The site that I work on, American Express’ OPEN Forum, has an iPhone app.  It just hit the App Store today. If you’d like to learn more about the iPhone App, watch the video. You do not meet the requirements to play this video If you’d like to download the file, visit to http://OPENForum.com/mobile.

Upgrade iPhone 3G to iOS4: It Runs Faster

The other day, I upgraded my iPhone 3G to iOS4, the latest software for the iPhone.  The bottom line: my iPhone 3G runs faster! I had a lot of trepidation since the overwhelming number of reports I read said that the 3G ran significantly slower with iOS4.   New features are great, if my iPhone 3G is slow, I don’t want.. Read more

Ask me Techie Questions. Get real answers. No strings attached.

People know me as a super-cybergeek.  Not only do I work in the digital world professionally, I even immerse myself in it in my free time.  I love staying up on trends, listening to geek podcasts, and lull myself to sleep reading geek blogs on my iPhone. Nauseating? Maybe.   But, as Popeye the sailor used to say, “I yam what.. Read more

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