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  • Date:  June 1, 2010
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R.I.P. Lala. We loved you while you lasted.

Lala, the play-any-track-once-for-free-then-pay-$0.10-per-track music service is no gone as of today (6/1/10).

RIP Lala.comFrom my perspective it was easily the best online music site.  I love exploring new music, but I don’t want to commit until I absolutely love the track.  Because I could listen to any track once 100% free, Lala introduced me to new bands and genres of music.  While it was only a streaming music service (i.e. you had to be online to listen), it was sonically outstanding, organized well, and very fast.

One of the best features was its Music Mover that allowed you to upload, literally, you existing collection and play it online.  This, alone, was huge.  No longer did I not need to drag my entire collection with me, I could access it anywhere: home, work, office, friend’s computer, etc.

There was even an iPhone app/service in the works.  With such an app, it meant that you never had to load your music onto your device.  As long as you had Internet access, you could listen to your entire collection.  Incredible, industry shaking stuff.

To be fair, Lala was struggling – they were losing money perhaps showing that the model wasn’t working.  They were purchased Apple a few months ago.  While it was sad, it has been expected that Apple will incorporate Lala’s technology into itunes somehow.  We’ll just have to see.

Still, R.I.P. Lala.  We loved you while you lasted.

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