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  • Date:  June 3, 2010
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Ask me Techie Questions. Get real answers. No strings attached.

People know me as a super-cybergeek.  Not only do I work in the digital world professionally, I even immerse myself in it in my free time.  I love staying up on trends, listening to geek podcasts, and lull myself to sleep reading geek blogs on my iPhone.

Nauseating? Maybe.   But, as Popeye the sailor used to say, “I yam what I yam.”

Because of this reputation, I am a recipient of many geeked-out questions like:

  • What computer should I buy?
  • What is the difference between Adwords and Adsense?
  • Why isn’t the Android phone’s browser called “Chrome” if it’s made by Google?

You get the picture…

And you would think I’d hate it, but I actually love it.  I have a passion for helping people.  And, to help with tech questions is just nirvana for me.

So, here’s my offer: Ask me a question about any techie-thing you can imagine and I’ll give you a well-informed answer.  No strings attached.

Do you have a burning tech question?  Are you in need of a good, honest, answer?  Then, fill out this form and ask me.

Cost to you? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  The only “catch” is that I will share the answer on this blog so that others may learn from it.

Your privacy is critical, so if you don’t want you name shared, I won’t.  And I will never, ever, share your email with anyone for anything.

So, how do you ask your question?  Click on the ridiculously big button below.

Help Me Josh Zapin Button

My goal is to answer at least one question a week.

Thanks for satiating my habit.

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