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  • Date:  February 12, 2009
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Cool Site Launch of Mine: AmericaFree.tv

I’m wanted to let people know some new functionality on AmericaFree.tv (AFTV). It’s a project of mine CP+B.

What is AFTV? AFTV is a joint venture of CP+B (where I work) whose purpose is to redefine television. Streaming 14 channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, AFTV is television for the people, by the people. It strives to work with and promote independent directors from around the world by providing a unique mix of new and old content.

Last night we launched many updates to AFTV including the following highlights:

  • Boulder International Film Festival Channel – We created a special channel in honor of the film festival that starts today, In includes films from past BIFFs.
  • Chip In – We’ve enabled our independent directors to make a few bucks off of their work through this PayPal integration.
  • Live Chat – Each channel has now a chat room where you can strike a conversation with other viewers in real time! The chat thread is overlaid right on top of the film itself. The effect is very Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rocky Horror Picture Show like. It is completely uncensored to give our participants the most precious of American freedoms: free speech.  This one is really sweet.  Definitely try it out!

You can see all this an more at: http://www.americafree.tv

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