Stepping in Sync: How Crocs.com Unified Global Priorities with a Streamlined Product Prioritization Process

In a rapidly expanding global market, aligning priorities for site enhancements can be a Herculean task. This article unveils how Crocs.com, under the guidance of Josh Zapin and his team of Digital Project Managers, successfully tackled this challenge. By implementing a data-driven product prioritization process that balances both regional nuances and global needs, Crocs.com has optimized its resources and decision-making, leading to more effective development and greater financial impact

Check out a new site about Yom Kippur Shoes.

Who is stressing over what to wear on their feet on Yom Kippur this year? Check out my latest project and then like my page on Facebook for the latest updates. The objective of the site is to provide visitors to yomkippurshoes.com a weekly series of stories (once a week) that lead up to Yom Kippur (which starts on the.. Read more

S7 Adaptive Video Test

If you are seeing this post, don’t think that I’m actually writing something important. I’m not. Instead, I’m just testing out Adobe Scene7’s adaptive video. If this is working the way it is supposed to the following links will play videos on any device: Mule Shoe Athens Duet , In other words, you can run it on desktop, an iPhone,.. Read more

Flickr Photo Gallery

I’m doing a test of Flickr Photo Gallery. I’m using slickr-flickr plugin for WordPress. Here is what it looks like:

OPEN Mic Podcast: Branding

The website I work on, American Express OPEN Forum has a really cool podcast series featuring Tyler Brule.   We just launched it a few weeks ago.  Here is a sample of the Branding Podcast.  Let me know what you think.

OPEN Forum hosts someone from the White House today!

The site that I live and breath every day hosted the white house today for an interesting Q&A session. Check out what they talked about:

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