This Blog is Facebook Connected

I just installed Facebook Connect on this blog.

Facebook Connect is a new application created by Facebook that allows you to particpate in this blog using your Facebook login.  When you do that, everything you write here also goes into Facebook.  Basically it’s a way for you to extend your facebook reach beyond the links/news/etc. within facebook.

Try it out for yourself.

7 Responses to “This Blog is Facebook Connected”

  1. jzapin says:

    Just seeing if this works well.

  2. jzapin says:

    It still doesn’t seem to be working. Let’s try it again.

  3. What do you WANT it to do?

  4. jzapin says:

    Trying to send my comments again. This time I added some line of code.

  5. jzapin says:

    Trying another comment again.

  6. jzapin says:

    Trying yet again.

  7. jzapin says:

    Trying this one more time. No Whammies!

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