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  • Date:  April 19, 2006
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Creating Digital Dashboards: DashboardSpy

If you are in the business of building digital dashboads, those web-based executive views that give you, instanatly a sense of the health of things, then check out DashboardSpy .

Personally, I think good design always comes from other good design.  In other words, take pieces of other sites, and use them as our own.  This site, for example, uses the color scheme from JetBlue Airlines .

DashboardSpy is a site that collects real-life digital dashboards from around the business world.  If you're looking for inspiration for your dashboard, this site will give you lots of it.   Just go to the site and be inspired.

Some of the dashboards include:

  • Crime Analysis
  • Cellular Telephone Service
  • Remote Netowrk Stability
  • Healthcare networks
  • And, lots, lots more.

 Take a look at it and let me know what you think.

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