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Buying a Kitchen Computer, Part 2: Form Factor

In my previous post, I made the case why we (and probably a lot of other people) need a kitchen computer.  I also defined some broad strokes of what we need out of the kitchen computer. Now, it’s time to figure out a little more detail on which type of computer would best fill our needs. Why is Form factor.. Read more

Buying a Kitchen Computer, Part 1: What We Need

It seems like I spend more time in my kitchen than any other room in the house.  (Technically, I should say “waking” time.) Why Are You Spending So Much Time In the Kitchen? About three years ago, Marni and I renovated the kitchen in our 1960s split-level ranch house in Boulder.  Where our “old” kitchen was walled off the living.. Read more

Avery Can’t get enough of the ABCs

Avery is obsessed with the ABCs these days. He sings it constantly. Fortunately, good old Sesame Street has a zillion versions with famous musicians. Here is his current favorite: Elmo singing with India Arie. I have to say, it’s pretty sweet, check it out:

Pioneer DV-578A DVD owner’s manual

It was such a pain in the ass to get the  Pioneer DV-578A Owners Manual from the Pioneer Electronics website that I'm providing it in this post.  No need to login, no need to give me your life's story.  Just go here and and get it.

Hasidic Hip Hop: Ta-Shma’s Come Listen: A Review

I'm not sure what's in the water in Williamsburg, Brooklyn these days, but something is making those Hasids produce doped out, modern pop music.  I'm not talking about some klezmer-infused, folkie music with Yiddish lyrics that nobody but my Grandma would understand (with due respect to the awesome Klezmatics).  We're talking about music that could easily appear on MTV's Total.. Read more

An excellent stock photography site.

I just recently stumbled upon an excellent stock photography website. It's called Fotolia and it offers outstanding photographs for as little as $1 (for the low-resolution version)!  Thee photos are outstanding, completely royalty free and, with few limitations, can be used as much as you want within your materials.  I recently used a bunch of them for a customer of.. Read more

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