Digital Project Management Certificate Training

Several years ago, I created one of the first ever Digital Project Management certificate program. The goal was to gain real-world skills and knowledge to be able to manage world class digital projects such as websites and mobile applications. This class covered the processes to build digital application with a heavy focus on the deliverables and disciplines needed to bring a digital vision into reality.

Digital Project Managers (DPMs) are the connective tissue that enable the many high-performing digital specialists needed to take the vision from back-of-the-napkin sketches and make it an actual reality. These are the folks that work with clients and product managers to help define the vision, assemble and organize the team so that vision can be fully realized. During this two-day course, folks learned the fundamentals of building digital applications. After grounding newly minted DPMs learned the basics of Project Management and the definition of the DPM role, I took a deeper dive into the specialists and the key deliverables needed to build a digital project. With that as a foundation, we will then show you how to connect all of these things together through detailed planning, scheduling. I also covered some other deliverables/milestones that are becoming more popular and can be useful depending on the type of project. Finally, we'll address some of the tools that are in the utility belt of a typical DPMer.


Digital Project Management Certificate Course

The course consisted of instruction and hands on experiences to helped you hit the ground running on your own digital projects.

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