People, Process, Tools: Transforming a digital Organization in 3-Weeks

In the dynamic landscape of digital project management, achieving success is a blend of mastering people, processes, and tools—in that order.


In just three weeks with my program will guide you in harmonizing these elements, creating a foundation for sustainable organization.

1. People: Laying the Foundation

The starting point of any successful project is a well-aligned team. Establishing the right roles is essential.  If your people don’t know what they’re doing (or, more importantly what they shouldn’t do), then you will never achieve cohesion.   Critical to achieve this are the following:

  • Clarity: Everyone should have a clear understanding of their role, responsibilities, and expectations.
  • Cohesion: Properly defined roles foster team unity, reducing overlaps and potential conflicts.
  • Efficiency: A team where every member knows their worth and function operates like a well-oiled machine.

2. Process: Streamlining for Success

Once roles are established and every team member is in sync, the next step is to optimize your workflows. The importance of a streamlined process cannot be overstated:

  • Mapping the Journey: By understanding your current methodologies, you can identify areas of improvement.
  • Targeting Bottlenecks: Recognizing and addressing inefficiencies ensures smoother project flow.
  • Consistency: Well-documented processes lead to predictable and consistent outcomes.

3. Tools: Perfecting Execution

Only with the right people in place and the best processes defined can you then focus on selecting the most appropriate tools. Remember, it’s not about the newest or shiniest tool, but the right one for your needs:

  • Integration: Your tools should complement and support your processes, not complicate them.
  • User-Friendly: Complicated tools can become hindrances. Choose those that are intuitive and align with your team’s expertise.
  • Scalability: As projects and teams grow, your tools should adapt seamlessly.

Achieving Transformation in Just Three Weeks

Navigating the complexities of a digital organization’s operations might seem daunting. However, by employing a structured approach rooted in incremental progress and continuous improvement, tangible results can be seen in as little as three weeks. Here’s how we can achieve this using a phased “release” approach:

Release 1.0: Laying the Groundwork

  • Sprint 1: People:

    • Before diving into intricate processes or tools, the first week focuses on the cornerstone of any successful organization – its people.
    • We’ll define clear roles for each team member, ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities and contributions to the overall mission.
    • Dedicated training sessions will ensure that everyone is on the same page and aligned with the organization’s goals.
  • Sprint 2: Process:

    • With the team clean on what they should (or should not) do, week two dives into establishing efficient workflows.
    • We identify the processes that need to be addressing such as  Resource Allocation to  Project Lifecycle and map out better ways that ensure projects transition smoothly from initiation to delivery
  • Sprint 3: Tools:

    • The third week zeroes in on the tools necessary to support both the people and the processes.
    • By identifying and prioritizing the necessary tools, most likely the tools that you already use, we can refine them to work better for your processes.

Subsequent Releases: Refinement & Mastery

While the initial three weeks lay a robust foundation, the journey doesn’t stop there. Subsequent sprints, as illustrated in the provided chart, delve into refining roles, tweaking processes, and optimizing tools. Each new release means building on the last, iterating, learning, and adapting.

The Philosophy: Don’t Do It All At Once

The beauty of this approach lies in its incremental nature. Instead of trying to overhaul everything simultaneously, we focus on mastering one aspect at a time, ensuring that by the end of three weeks, there’s a harmonious symphony between people, processes, and tools. This methodology, rooted in continuous improvements, ensures that the organization remains agile, adaptable, and always ready for the challenges of the digital world.

The "People, Process, Tools" framework is a time-tested approach that ensures every facet of your project is optimized. My program is designed to help you understand and implement this methodology in just three weeks. It's not about a quick fix, but a holistic approach to project management that stands the test of time.

Are you ready for the evolution?


Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Head of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Josh during his tenure with CP+B on the Aspen Dental account. Josh led the digital work for Aspen at CP+B, and proved himself to be an invaluable resource and trusted advisor. He was truly an extension of our digital marketing team, and his work contributed significantly to our success. He was focused on helping to achieve our key performance objectives, and has deep experience in delivering web experiences that help transition visitors to leads. He assisted in our transformation from a waterfall based to agile development methodology, and helped to build our overall digital in house capabilities. I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime in the future.

Harvey Bierman

Harvey Bierman

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Strategy Officer

I've worked directly with Josh for the past 18 months and prior to that I worked with Josh in a client/vendor relationship. Throughout all my interactions with Josh I continually found him to be an innovative problem solver with a keen understanding of digital technology and ecommerce. He has expertise in prioritization, resource and capacity planning and product roadmap management. His contributions to the Crocs global ecommerce business and technology teams positively impacted customer satisfaction, revenue growth, profitability and user innovation. He also has shown excellent skills at managing vendor relationships and contracting.

Brian Chee

Brian Chee

Principal Strategist, Writer, Consultant, and Content Marketer

Josh's ability to lead and his strong digital thinking were a key factor in the success of a number of complicated and crucial projects. I valued his calm and consistent approach, even in the face of mounting pressure, changing deliverables and challenging deadlines. He always kept in sight the point of purpose of his work, while at the same time demonstrating a flexibile approach that consistently improved the final product. Best of all, I could count on Josh to give me a realistic view of a project's status, to always be up for a challenge and to bring a strong sense of accountability and creative thought to his work.

David Schell

David Schell

Digital Strategy, Product and Experience Design, Creative Direction and Integrated Marketing

Josh is very focused at making sure a project never falls off the rails. He worked hard to evolve our process, and provided new technologies to the project management team to create efficiencies and consistencies throughout the agency.

Eric Breitbard

Eric Breitbard

Head of Design Strategy

It was fantastic to work with Josh during our time together at Organic in NYC. His sharp cross-disciplinary skills and preternaturally friendly attitude blazed through tough challenges on major engagements. Josh is a highly effective communicator and a skilled manager of digital projects.

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