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Hasidic Hip Hop: Ta-Shma’s Come Listen: A Review

I'm not sure what's in the water in Williamsburg, Brooklyn these days, but something is making those Hasids produce doped out, modern pop music.  I'm not talking about some klezmer-infused, folkie music with Yiddish lyrics that nobody but my Grandma would understand (with due respect to the awesome Klezmatics).  We're talking about music that could easily appear on MTV's Total.. Read more

Matisyahu’s Youth: A New Jew’s Review

Matisyahu’s third album, Youth, while weaker than revolutionary Shake Off the Dust…Arise and the electric Live at Stubb’s, still firmly establishes the genre of Hassidic Reggae and Matisyahu and his band as one of the most exciting musicians today.

Matisyahu at the Paramount Theater, 2/28/06

Matisyahu played the Paramount Theater in Denver this past Tuesday.  He was fantastic. The Paramount is a 2000+ person venue, possibly the largest indoor venue in Denver next to Pepsi Center (where the Denver Nuggets/Avalanche play). He sold it out at least three weeks ago. Hi set included many perennial (don’t know if you can call anything a guy who.. Read more

Yahoo! Music: A Great Music Value

I’m obssessed with music.   About a year ago, I digitized all of my (and Marni’s) music.  We had enough music to play songs continuously for over 25 days!  It’s amazing what one can acquire over time.   While most homoapiens would be satisfied with that, I, of course, am not: I need more.  Marni and I installed speakers into.. Read more

Matisyahu on Letterman 1/16

Matisyahu is going to be on David Letterman tonight (1/16).  If you haven’t checked him out, you should.  He’s one of the most interesting acts in music today.  Channeling Bob Marley with cantorial singing. Try him out.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you really want to get into him, definitely check out his cds. They are fantastic! Update: Here is.. Read more

Matisyahu Rocks

I’ve recently gotten into Matisyahu, the Hasidic Reggae Superstar .  Don’t laugh.  He’s really a Hasid (a very religious, traditional Jew).  And really sings Reggae music in the spirit of Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and other great stars. It seems like it’d be shlocky, almost a gimmick, but it isn’t.  Reggae has always been steeped in spiritually, blurring the lines.. Read more

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