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  • Date:  March 2, 2006
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Matisyahu at the Paramount Theater, 2/28/06

Matisyahu played the Paramount Theater in Denver this past Tuesday.  He was fantastic.

The Paramount is a 2000+ person venue, possibly the largest indoor venue in Denver next to Pepsi Center (where the Denver Nuggets/Avalanche play).

He sold it out at least three weeks ago.

Hi set included many perennial (don’t know if you can call anything a guy who has played for a few years "perrenial") favorites, King without a Crown, Exaltation, and Warrior.  He even included a few tracks from his new album Youth (due out on March 7th).  All were performed with a passion and energy that is intoxicating.

 Matis channels the spirit of Bob Marley and infuses with a cantorial style (cantors are the people in synagogues who lead a Jewish congregation in prayer).  It is unquestionably unique and shows how the spirituallity that is the underpinnings of Reggae music can be used to express religions other than Rastfarianism.

It is awesome.  As a secular Jew who went to Yeshiva but finds the most spirituality in modern music, I feel as if this music has been inside of me for a long time.

Now it’s time for it to get out!

Definitely check him out. 

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