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  • Date:  February 17, 2006
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My MoFo MoBo

I’m having a major cow with my home computer’s MotherBoard.  It’s mostly broken:

  • The power light doesn’t turn off
  • The parallel printer port sometimes doesn’t work
  • The floppy drive doesn’t work
  • The COM Ports doesn’t work.

But, everything else about the computer is fine.

Of course, all of this happened, literally, one week after the warranty expired.  Arggh. 

So, what to do? 

I’ve been eyeing a new computer at Best Buy.   It’s only about $600 and, of course, kicks my 3-year old computer’s ass.

But, there really isn’t anything wrong with my computer.  I have two 250 GB hard drives, a kick ass graphics card, a CD-R and a DVD, and it’s fast enough for all the things I want to do.

Well, I decided to take the plunge and get a new Motherboard from TigerDirect.  They were very helpful on the phone and told me that for $50 I could fix the sucker.

So, last night, with my good buddy Paul Magnanti , we opened him up (he’s called PICARD) and put the new one in.  it’s a relatvely routine process.

Well, it didn’t work and I have no clue why. We tried removing everything but we just couldn’t get the BIOS to show up.  I contacted the maufacturer and they just shoved me to their site.  Mags thinks its a bad MoBo.  He may be right.  We noticed the Motherboard booting up when we connected a peripheral.  Maybe it shorted.

 Arggh….MoBos are MoFos

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