Resource Smackdown Redux: Tools Update for 2023

In this follow-up to the Resource Smackdown blog post, we revisit the importance of People, Process, and Tools in effective resource allocation for project management. While the fundamentals remain the same, the spotlight this time is on updated tools like EverHour’s tight integration with Jira, Harvest and Forecast’s real-time budget tracking, Float’s day-to-day resource allocation, and Smartsheet’s seamless scheduling and resource management. These tools offer unique features that can significantly streamline both project planning and execution, catering to various team sizes and budget constraints.

Why We are Digital Project Managers (DPMs)

I was really blown away by Brett Harned’s recent post and speech to the DPMUK group called Army of Awesome where he challenged DPMs to define what it means to be a Digital Project Manager.  IMHO, he nailed the qualities/DNA/skills of the DPM better than anything else I’ve ever seen. Still, I thought one thing that would be good to discuss:.. Read more

New Year’s Resolution for DPMs, 2016

Since it’s already the second week of 2016, resolutions may seem like a distant memory. Still, I’ve been seeing posts come up including this great one from Atlassian (makers of Jira) about new year’s resolutions for agile ceremonies. And it got me thinking of a few new years resolutions for Digital Project Managers (DPMs).

DPM Summit 2015 Recap: The Brotherhood United in Making Things Better

As I suspected, it was a homecoming with 300+ Digital PMs from literally all over the world. It was pretty clear that we all have spilled the same blood and have the same scars from doing what we do:

Resource allocation conflicts? Does a person breathe?
Reconciling budgets? You betcha!
Unreasonable clients? Always.
Scope creep? Every day.
I can go on with a list a hundred bullets long but that would be boring.

Homecoming at the Digital Project Management Summit 2015

So, I just landed in Philadelphia on the eve of the Digital Project Management (DPM) Summit 2015. It’s my first time attending this event, but it feel like a homecoming. You see, I’ve been in working for nearly twenty years creating great digital and this is the first time I’m going to an event that focuses on the “unsung” hero:.. Read more

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