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  • Date:  October 19, 2023
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A Fresh Coat of Digital Paint: Inside My Website’s Touch-Up

So, I did a thing. I took a good, hard look at my website and thought, “It’s time for a makeover!” The digital world keeps zipping by, and I felt the itch to revamp, refresh, and reinvigorate my corner of the internet. Let’s dive into the hows and whys of this digital transformation!

Why the Makeover?

Alright, think of your favorite room. Over time, even that cozy spot needs a touch-up. The same goes for websites! Trends evolve, tech gets snazzier, and what was cool yesterday might be just ‘meh’ today. I wanted my site to scream ‘2023,’ not ‘been there, done that.’

Design? Much More Modern!

Goodbye, old-school vibes, and hello, sleek and snazzy! I jazzed things up with a clean layout, some fresh colors, and typography that just pops. 

Content? Fresher than Fresh!

It’s not just about looks. I spruced up the content, made it snappier, and ensured there’s a ton of value packed in for anyone stopping by. 

The End Game: A Cooler Digital Hangout!

So, what’s the verdict? My revamped site isn’t just about fancy tech or visuals; it’s a cozy digital hangout that screams ‘me.’ There were bumps along the way, but hey, that’s the fun of a makeover, right?


Take a spin around the new digs, and let me know what you think. After all, this glow-up’s for you. Cheers to more fun, laughs, and digital adventures together!


Hi! My name is Josh, i’m a Head of Digital Production and Program Management based in Boulder

Hello! I'm a seasoned Head of Digital Production and Program Management, driving transformative change in organizations through innovation, strategy, and leadership. Specializing in operational excellence, I've designed a proprietary agile-based methodology that delivers measurable improvements in just 3 weeks. With a track record that speaks volumes—from rescuing underperforming projects at Carvana to pioneering best-in-class onboarding and customer success strategies at Zingfit—I bring a unique blend of process optimization, team leadership, and client relations skills to the table.

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