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Success in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape requires more than just top-notch technology or cutting-edge services. It demands a team that’s as adaptable, driven, and forward-thinking as the projects they manage. The difference between market leaders and the rest often boils down to one thing: A well-developed, finely tuned team.

As a seasoned Project/Production/Program Management Leader, I know this firsthand. With a rich history of transforming B2C and B2B customer experience project management practices across numerous industries—from Retail and Healthcare to eCommerce and Banking—I’ve embedded the Voice of the Customer in every facet of my client's operations. This approach establishes a synergistic relationship between technology and customer experience (CX).

But what sets my approach apart? It’s Team Development & Leadership.

Optimizing Project Management Teams Matter

In today’s fast-paced world of software development, operational efficiency isn’t just a good-to-have; it’s a necessity. A project management team equipped with the right methodologies and tools can be the difference between a project that soars and one that sputters out. Here’s a few examples why optimizing your project management and production teams is crucial:

  • Managing Project Flow: In a digital project, bottlenecks can appear out of nowhere, throwing off the entire flow. Teams optimized for efficiency are trained to anticipate, identify, and manage these bottlenecks, ensuring that the project stays on course. Leveraging methodologies like Kanban and tools like Jira can be immensely helpful in managing the ebb and flow of tasks within a project.
  • Streamlined Proposal Pricing: Effective project management starts even before the project does. By using data-driven methods and tools, teams can price out proposals more accurately. This not only wins client trust but also sets the stage for efficient resource allocation down the line.
  • Tactical Scheduling: Creating realistic, agile schedules is key. Knowing how to break down tasks, set milestones, and assign roles ensures that everyone knows what needs to be done and by when. This clarity leads to higher productivity and less downtime.
  • Resource Allocation: Knowing how to allocate your resources wisely is the hallmark of an effective project management team. Whether it’s deciding which team members have the skill sets for specific tasks or determining the software tools needed for each stage, efficient resource allocation is a game-changer.

Optimizing your project management teams in these areas empowers them to operate at peak performance. It’s not just about getting the job done, but about setting new standards of excellence in software project delivery.

By investing in Team Development & Leadership services focused on these operational aspects, you’re not just hitting your KPIs; you’re fundamentally transforming the way your organization approaches and executes projects.

Proven Methodologies

Every organization is unique, but the core principles of team effectiveness remain constant. I’ve designed a proprietary process improvement methodology based on agile principles that enables teams and organizations to realize operational improvements in as little as three weeks. Case in point: an underperforming project for Carvana was turned around to implement 200+ features within six months.

High-Profile Clients, High-Impact Results

Working with clients like HP, Carvana, AAA Mountain West Group, and Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield, among others, I’ve been pivotal in reshaping customer experiences and internal processes alike. Whether it’s transforming an eCommerce platform for Postino Restaurants or driving a mixed team to overhaul systems for Modern Market Restaurant, my focus has always been on achieving transformative results that elevate the entire organization.

Tailored to You

Understanding that no two organizations are the same, I offer bespoke Team Development & Leadership training. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a comprehensive program tailored to meet your specific needs and challenges. 

Beyond the Basics

What further adds value to this service is the integration of advanced technological tools and frameworks—Kanban, CX/UI, SaaS, QA—into the team development programs. These are not mere buzzwords but integral components that enhance the overall efficiency and efficacy of the teams.

Team Development & Leadership are not just services; they’re strategic investments for the long-term success of your organization. With proven methodologies, a commitment to bespoke solutions, and a track record of high-impact results, you’re not just developing a team; you’re creating industry leaders and innovators.

Ready to ignite your team’s true potential? Let's talk.


Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson

Head of Marketing

I had the pleasure of working with Josh during his tenure with CP+B on the Aspen Dental account. Josh led the digital work for Aspen at CP+B, and proved himself to be an invaluable resource and trusted advisor. He was truly an extension of our digital marketing team, and his work contributed significantly to our success. He was focused on helping to achieve our key performance objectives, and has deep experience in delivering web experiences that help transition visitors to leads. He assisted in our transformation from a waterfall based to agile development methodology, and helped to build our overall digital in house capabilities. I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime in the future.

Harvey Bierman

Harvey Bierman

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Strategy Officer

I've worked directly with Josh for the past 18 months and prior to that I worked with Josh in a client/vendor relationship. Throughout all my interactions with Josh I continually found him to be an innovative problem solver with a keen understanding of digital technology and ecommerce. He has expertise in prioritization, resource and capacity planning and product roadmap management. His contributions to the Crocs global ecommerce business and technology teams positively impacted customer satisfaction, revenue growth, profitability and user innovation. He also has shown excellent skills at managing vendor relationships and contracting.

Brian Chee

Brian Chee

Principal Strategist, Writer, Consultant, and Content Marketer

Josh's ability to lead and his strong digital thinking were a key factor in the success of a number of complicated and crucial projects. I valued his calm and consistent approach, even in the face of mounting pressure, changing deliverables and challenging deadlines. He always kept in sight the point of purpose of his work, while at the same time demonstrating a flexibile approach that consistently improved the final product. Best of all, I could count on Josh to give me a realistic view of a project's status, to always be up for a challenge and to bring a strong sense of accountability and creative thought to his work.

David Schell

David Schell

Digital Strategy, Product and Experience Design, Creative Direction and Integrated Marketing

Josh is very focused at making sure a project never falls off the rails. He worked hard to evolve our process, and provided new technologies to the project management team to create efficiencies and consistencies throughout the agency.

Eric Breitbard

Eric Breitbard

Head of Design Strategy

It was fantastic to work with Josh during our time together at Organic in NYC. His sharp cross-disciplinary skills and preternaturally friendly attitude blazed through tough challenges on major engagements. Josh is a highly effective communicator and a skilled manager of digital projects.

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