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  • Date:  March 27, 2010
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The Six-Page Passover Haggadah

For those Jews who want don’t want to do the full Passover Haggadah and want to do more than “They tried to kill us; we survived; let’s eat” I offer the Quick Passover Haggadah.  Compiled by my wife’s close childhood friend, Lori Reiss, it is 6 pages (single spaced) and takes about 1/2 hour to do.  It has all the major highlights of the seder and gets the gist of Passover.

Now, I don’t recommend that you use the format for every Seder until the end of time.  But if, like me, you have pre-schoolers that need to get to bed no later than 8:30, it might just be the perfect balance.

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  • Nancy Veiss
    7:54 pm April 10, 2014

    Thanks for the 6 minute Seder. We’re having all non-Jewish folks this year and don’t want to put them to sleep but want to introduce them to the tradition.


  • Jill Glasband
    12:45 pm April 14, 2019

    Thank You. I’m always on the lookout for shorter Seders as I was brought up with the Maxwell House booklet – cover to cover.

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