Tag: Resource Allocation

Stepping in Sync: How Crocs.com Unified Global Priorities with a Streamlined Product Prioritization Process

In a rapidly expanding global market, aligning priorities for site enhancements can be a Herculean task. This article unveils how Crocs.com, under the guidance of Josh Zapin and his team of Digital Project Managers, successfully tackled this challenge. By implementing a data-driven product prioritization process that balances both regional nuances and global needs, Crocs.com has optimized its resources and decision-making, leading to more effective development and greater financial impact

Resource Smackdown Redux: Tools Update for 2023

In this follow-up to the Resource Smackdown blog post, we revisit the importance of People, Process, and Tools in effective resource allocation for project management. While the fundamentals remain the same, the spotlight this time is on updated tools like EverHour’s tight integration with Jira, Harvest and Forecast’s real-time budget tracking, Float’s day-to-day resource allocation, and Smartsheet’s seamless scheduling and resource management. These tools offer unique features that can significantly streamline both project planning and execution, catering to various team sizes and budget constraints.

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