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Interactive Agency Project Management Forum Created

Check out the new Interactive Agency Project Management Forum I just created on Google Groups: http://groups.google.com/group/Interactive-Agency-Project-Management Why I did I start this group… Quite frankly, because I haven't found a forum anywhere for people who manage creative projects.  While there are definitely Project Management forums (http://www.pmi.org, http://www.gantthead.com), there is virtually no chatter about people who manage the development of experiential,.. Read more

The Loss of Stability

Is it a good thing that our economy (especially our tech sector) continues to churn its workers over and over again? I’m in this predicament right now: My company, Maxtor, is being purchased by Seagate.  It is all but expected that I will be losing my job in the next 6 months.  While I think the transaction makes sense from.. Read more

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