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  • Date:  January 16, 2006
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Random Name Generators

I’ve had some ideas swirling in my head for some businesses of late.  I won’t go into details as to what they are (right now), but I’ve been searching for some names for them.  Why would I need a name for a business that doesn’t exist right now?  Because it makes it more tangible for me.

Of course, I lack a creative bone in my body, so I’ve been struggling with names.   I want it to be something cool, something hip, something that would resonate but doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Think of some of the names of the most successful businesses today.  Google, Microsoft, eBay.  Were any of them household names before their success?  Nope.  Not at all. 

What’s my solution?  The Internet of course!  I found a few random name generators:

Noemata and New Media Company Generator.  Both come up with some interesting names for companies.  

Noemata comes up with "gibberish" like names Leonet, Napson, and Manvan.  (What would Manvan be selling?).  It even has button to search google to see what comes up with that name (you definietly don’t want a domain

New Media Comapny Generator is even cooler.  Not only does it find some cool combiations, they apply a random logo, color, and a tagline to boot! 

Try them out.  Maybe they’ll spark an idea for you?

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