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Elevating eCommerce: My Tenure at Crocs

When it comes to online retail, the intersection between technology and consumer experience can be a complex maze. During my tenure as Global Director of eCommerce Program/Program & Project Management at Crocs, my team and I delved deep into this dynamic landscape. We took on everything from platform enhancements to global site updates, all while keeping consumer experience at the.. Read more

Transforming Onboarding and Customer Success at Zingfit

As the Director of Professional Services and Customer Success at Zingfit, a SaaS eCommerce platform dedicated to boutique fitness studios, I had the privilege of leading a team of 10 direct and indirect reports. In this role, I was responsible for onboarding and servicing over 200 studio customers that collectively serve 70,000 consumers. Below, I’ll delve into some of the.. Read more

Carvana’s Agile U-Turn

Client:  Carvana Carvana’s Agile U-Turn Home Leading a digital project to completion can often feel like steering a ship through a storm. Unpredictable challenges, shifting deadlines, and wavering client expectations can all contribute to a project stalling. I recently found myself at the helm of a project for Carvana, an industry leader in online car sales, that was floundering despite its.. Read more

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