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  • Date:  November 18, 2006
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New York Trip Suggestions

Here are some great NYC bets (newyork.citysearch.com
is a GREAT resource):
1) Chinese Food: Joe's Shanghai :- This lace is good, cheap and has, by far, the best dumplings around (called soup dumplings).  Get the crab meat one over the pork.  Both are great, but the crab meat is the best.  The rest of the food is amazing.

2) Italian –
a) Cucina di Pesc e: – An old standby.  Crowded, noisy, no credit cards, but its mazing and cheap. As the name suggests, great seafood.  Mussels served while you wait (and it isworth it)
b) Frank :  – Small and noisy but everything here is great.  They even
will let you bring a bottle of wine in.

4) Show Tickets: TKTS in Times Square.  1/2 pricetickets but you have to stand in line.  Get there

4) Museums: PS1 –  If you like modern art (somewhat avant garde) avoid the Met and go here.  It's in Queens but relatively accessible via train.  It's a converted school.  Neat space.

5) Misc: Staten Island Ferry – Forget the Circle Line (the boat ride around NYC). Although its nice, it's too much money.  Instead, take a FREE round trip on the Staten Island Ferry. It goes from the southern tip of Manhattan to Staten Island and back.  Great view of the skyline.  Try it at dusk/night.

6) Pizza:
a) Grimaldi's – I think it's the best Pizza in NYC.  The line there is long and they don't accept credit cards.  Believe me,i t's worth it.  Work up an appetite by walking over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Better, take the Staten Island Ferry round trip, walk over the bridge and top it off with Grimaldi's.   Call it sail, stroll, dine with the New York Skyline.
b) Ben's – – If you find yourself in SoHo, stop here.  They have the
best SICILIAN (deep dish, square slices) pizza.  You an get pizza by the slice here. Try the version that has seasoned breadcrumbs and no cheese.  It's REALLY good.

7) Desert:
a) Juniors – – Best Cheescake in the world. It's very famous for it.  It's
in Brooklyn, but easily accessible via train.  They also have a full menu that's really good (try sweet potato pancakes or blintzes).
b) Veniero – -Incredible Italian desserts.  People talk about
Ferraro's in Little Italy (which is good).  But Veniero is as good, less crowded, and much more reasonable.

8) Bagels: There are a ton of places that make them.  early all are amazing..  Here are a few favorites.
a) Ess-a-Bagel (Marni's favorite):
b) H&H – (My Favorite): H&H has the added bonus of being near Zabars http://shop.zabars.com/on/demandware.store/WFS/Zabar-ZabarStorefront-Site/):One of the greatest Jewish-style appetizers anywhere. Buy your bagels at H&H.  Buy your cream cheese, lox,or my personal favorite, whitefish salad at Zabars across the street.

9) Bialies :  Kossar's.  These are "cousins" of bagels that are baked with sweet onions in the middle (no hole, just a 'crater').  Kossar's is THE place to go for them. 

This is just a smidgeon of NYC.  If you want any other suggestions, let me know.

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