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  • Date:  February 27, 2006
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So, I’m going to become a father! 

Sometime shortly after Marni and I did the NYC marathon , we conceived.  It had been a relatively long haul: We’d been trying since about March 2005.  While we weren’t concerned, we were starting to look at it.

Well, sometime in November, bada-bing, bada-boom, little Z was conceived. 

It’s really cool but also a little freaky at the same time.  

What’s freaking me out the most is how calm I feel about it.  The whole prospect of becoming a parent has put many other things into perspective.  For example, work.  While I still care about work and my career, I care much more about the well being of my child to be.   I find myself motivated more by work because it is such an important means for me to be able to support my child to be.  I just want to do everyting in my power to do what is right for little Z, that every other concern seems, frankly, esoteric.

I’ll continue to explore this experience in the days and weeks to come.  Come on back for more stuff soon… 

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