Author: Josh Zapin

Memorial Day Trip 2016 – Goblin Valley/San Rafael Swell

What We’re Doing This Memorial Day (Friday May 27- Monday May 30), a bunch of us are heading west to Goblin Valley State Park and the San Rafael Swell in Utah. As with other trips in the area, the point of

Angel of Shavano Camping Trip 2015

What We’re Doing June 12-14 we will be holding our second Annual Angel of Shavano now know as the Angel Scratch Cache camping trip.  In addition to other activities, we will be checking in our the geocache we placed last year.

Check out a new site about Yom Kippur Shoes.

Who is stressing over what to wear on their feet on Yom Kippur this year? Check out my latest project and then like my page on Facebook for the latest updates. The objective of the site is to provide visitors

Elijah, Gracie, And Will’s 5th Birthday CD Track List

Thank you for coming to Elijah, Gracie, and Will’s Birthday party this year. For those interested in the details behind the tracks, here they are.  I’ve also included links to the tracks on iTunes so you can purchase the music.

Angel of Shavano Camping Trip 2014

What We’re Doing This Memorial Day Weekend (Friday May 23- Monday May 26), a few of us are heading to to the Angel of Shavano group campsite near Salida.   Angel of Shavano Group Campground is considered one of the area’s best kept camping secrets.

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